Turing-Tape Games Competition: deadline expired.

The deadline for submission of entries to the Turing-Tape competition has now expired. The final set of games was challenging and finding optimal solutions was in some cases very challenging; congratulations to all those who submitted solutions. The topscores table has now been updated so that everyone can see the results in each category.

Turing-Tape Competition

We will be contacting (UK) prize winners as soon as possible; we will also send details of submissions by Universite Laval students to Jules Desharnais.

We have constructed our own solutions to the games which we are releasing now. The file GrandFinalGreedySolutions.txt contains solutions constructed using a simple greedy algorithm; the solutions use the minimal number of moves but make no attempt to minimise the number of coins. The file GrandFinalOptimalSolutions.txt contains optimal solutions (i.e. solutions that minimise the number of coins among solutions that minimise the number of moves); these were constucted using a depth-first search.

In the coming months, we plan to publish the software we developed to run the competition, to generate the games and to construct solutions. Since we will be deleting all registration information as soon as prizewinners have been contacted, we will not be sending any more emails. If you would like to hear of more developments, please subscribe to the Facebook Turing-Tape Competition group (if you have not already done so) in order to receive further announcements.

We invite competitors to send us their own solution methods, which we will publish on the website. We also have some ideas for pretty-printing solutions which we will announce soon.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in the competition. We hope you enjoy many more challenges in algorithmic problem solving in the years to come.

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