Turing-Tape Competition: put your problem-solving and programming abilities to the test!

The grand final round of the Turing-Tape Competition starts on the 26th of August, but you can join in today and work on the 17 practice problems currently available. UK students and Université Laval’s students are eligible for cash prizes.

The competition is about finding the best solutions to a collection of one-person, solitaire-like games played on a Turing tape (a one-dimensional tape divided into squares). The solution of simple examples of Turing-tape games can be done by hand but the games quickly become too complex and are best solved using machine assistance. The games combine the mathematics of polynomial division with the algorithmics of program construction and, we believe, offer an appropriate and educational insight into the sort of pioneering work undertaken by Turing. Apart from the simplest example, the games are entirely novel so that solutions cannot be found on the Internet.

Participants are encourage to use their favourite programming languages and environments. For more details, visit the competition’s webpage!

Turing-Tape Competition

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